Special Sundays 2016, fastWhy do we fast, pray, worship and read scripture?

It’s a good question, especially as we launch our fast.  I think that most people know that they are supposed to do these practices, but many see them as a “discipline”.  Well, I don’t know about you but I see discipline as something you force yourself to do and that doesn’t sound too good to me.  In fact I think that it is not our will or will power that is supposed to lead us into fasting, prayer, worship and reading scripture but a hunger for God and His presence.  In fact I think that the reason why we even do these things is to have an encounter with God and what is more exciting than that.  So if you’re tired of doing these things because your supposed to, then its time you experienced something more compelling and this sermon lays out several principles of how to get there and what it looks like.

What if I asked you to pray for an hour could you do it?

I love this question because for many people the idea of spending an hour in prayer is mind boggling and I remember that when I was first asked this question I thought that praying for an hour was impossible.  I even tried and at that time all I could muster up was about ten minutes.  That is until I had an encounter with the Lord and was filled with His Holy Spirit.  Then I couldn’t stop.  I’d spend hours in prayer.  I found ways to worship God throughout the day and read the scripture.  Did you know that the hard part of the fast is what you give up, but the fun part is in what you add.  Praying, Worship and Reading your Bible are not the difficult part, they are the part that makes all the difference in the world.

What’s your goal?

When you pray, read and worship is your goal to simply obey, or to gain more knowledge?  Those are good things and offer us a foundation, but my challenge for you during this fast is that your goal becomes encounter and don’t stop until you have had it.

Scripture References:

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