The War on Identity

Did you know that one of the greatest schemes of the devil is to get us to hate ourselves and then to also hate others.  He literally hates our identity because it reflects the very image of God and reveals the person of Jesus to others.  However, Jesus has a different perspective.  He loves each of us and He has an identity that He offers all of mankind.  What is that identity?  That we can be Children of God, that we can become joint heirs with Jesus.

How do we take care of the identity of others?

It all boils down to how we see them?  Do we categorize them?  Do we isolate them into being on our side or against us?  Or do we see the Gold that awaits, that is released, when they are introduced to Jesus?  The truth is that we easily slip into categorizing mode when we meet people.  Are they like us?  Are they different?  Where do they fit into my worldview, my way of living?  Then once we figure that out, we know how to treat them.  Either as a friend or an enemy.  Jesus asks each of us to love our neighbors, even to love those who hate us.  He wants us to be the type of person that can reach across these false identities and to call out people’s true identity.

This Sermon

In this sermon, Pastor Brad, challenges us to see people from God’s perspective and call out His identity over them.