What is your identity in Christ?

When you look at yourself and you pick apart everything that you don’t like about yourself, you are telling God that He screwed up and you are agreeing with the Devil’s lies over your life.  It’s time we began to see ourselves the way God sees us, a beautiful creation, warts and all, that God has created with purpose and value.

The devil hates your identity

The devil hates that you are a creation of God.  He hates that you reflect God’s image and especially that as a Christian that you bear the image of Christ, Himself.  He wants to destroy that image and so from day one the devil ttys to convince everyone that we have no value, that we are ugly, unlikeable, unsuccessful, weird, etc…  The sad part is that far too many of us would rather agree with the devil then to see it God’s way.  The truth is that once we begin to agree with the devil, we become imprisoned in shame and doubt and we never live the way that God intended, much less that we walk in His power and carry His Kingdom to a lost and dying world!

Your identity was formed by God

Dod you know that your identity was formed by God.  He created each of us as a unique creation, each one of us reflecting the very nature of God.  We each have a special way that we can demonstrate God and that is powerful.  All of us, even in our quirkiness, has something to offer and that something is God.  We just need to come to terms with that.

In this sermon

In this sermon Pastor Brad shines a light into the dark recesses of the lies that we believe and calls us out into the glorious light of the truth of our God given identity.