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The Irrevocable Mission of Moses

Is God’s plan set in concrete or does God work through our decisions, good or bad?

Moses is a major person in Biblical History and he is example to us of how God works with people through their lives.  At the time that Moses was born God was getting ready to release the Israelites from bondage and bring them to the promised land.  So what better way to do that then to take a Hebrew boy and put him the house of the Pharaoh to be raised as a prince?  Wouldn’t that prince have the greatest influence and position to request the release of the enslaved Hebrews?  Of course, and that was definitely God’s plan but somewhere along the way Moses messed all of that up.  In a fit of rage as a young man Moses kills an Egyptian defending a Hebrew slave and immediately finds himself the target of the anger of the Pharaoh who wants him put to death for his actions.  As Moses flees for his life so it would seem does his mission, his purpose and all that God orchestrated.  So does Moses’ Mission end there?  Was there only one set plan for God to use Moses to free His people?  Or does God move on to plan b or c until He can accomplish His will?

In this Sermon

Explore Moses’ life and the eventual fulfillment of God’s mission through him and discover how even when we mess it up, God just won’t give up on us.

Scripture References

Exodus 1:8-10&22Exodus 2:1-10Exodus 2:11-12&15Exodus 3:1-2&7-8&10

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