Jesus is the Most Influential Person in History

Jesus is the single most important person in History. In fact we break down our entire calendar by the time before He came (BC or BCE) and the time since (AD and CE). But we need to ask why? What did Jesus do that was so important? Well, the easy answer is that Jesus Changed Everything.

Recapturing the Awe and Wonder

In the Christmas Season it is especially important for Christians to recapture the awe and wonder of Jesus. While He came as a baby, He came with a purpose and all of who Jesus had been (God, eternal and pre-existent) was wrapped up in that child as well as the purposes He came with (Salvation, Freedom and Defeating the devil). We can too easily get caught up in the celebration of the Holiday and somehow lose sight of just how amazing Jesus was and is. We want to get reconnected to the Amazing Messiah as we celebrate Christmas!

Jesus Changed Everything

When Jesus came He brought a solution that every person desperately needed. He brought Salvation, Power, The Kingdom of Heaven and He completely defeated the devil. Find out in this inspiring message just how that affects history, religion and each of us.