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Is there hope for the addict caught in their addiction?

Addiction is a powerful force and those who are caught in addiction seemed helplessly trapped in a sea of bad decisions and hard to break habits.  It causes them to do things they never though they would do and often all they want is to break free, to be clean, and to live healthy normal lives.  Is there any hope?  While there are so many things that contribute to addiction and to breaking addiction, there can be hope.  Jesus is a chain breaker and for so many people with God by their side they can have the strength to break the cycle and live sober.

This is Kristen Parks’ story.  At an early age she began to cope with abuse through recreational drug use.  This lead her to becoming a heroin addict with mounting legal problems in her early 20’s.  At that time in her life she no longer did drugs for the high, but simply to avoid feeling sick.  Strung out, hopeless, tired and sick she reached out for something that would change all of it.

In this Message

Listen as Kristen shares her journey how meeting and knowing Jesus transformed her from drug addict to clean and sober.

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