What does it mean to be people of the word?

Being Christian must mean something.  Something more than just attending a church or believing in certain theological ideas. It is our belief that being a Christian needs to become a lifestyle, demonstrated by the power of God in our lives through the Holy Spirit (for more about that click here) and living according to the word of God.  There are enough Christians out there who do not read their Bible with any regularity or who read it but don’t conform to it’s teaching. We liven in an age where churches have excused away our responsibility to live Holy lives.  This is not ok and its time that the church dove in deeper and became people of the Word?

How does this happen?

It’s not that hard, we need to have an insatiable hunger to devour God’s word.  To read it, study it and learn as much as we can about it.  Why?  It’s simple, it helps us understand how God thinks and it opens up doors for us to get to know Him.  Long gone are the days when reading the word is all about gaining knowledge.  If just knowing the word of God was good enough the Pharisees would have been great, but we know that they missed it over and over.  No, we need to read the word so it penetrates the core of our hearts and minds and lays a foundation for encounter.  We must experience the author of the Bible not just the Bible.  Some would argue that “experience” is deceiving.  Well if you’ve read the Bible and not had an experience than you’re deceived already.  How much are you reading the scripture?

What is the word?

The Bible says that the word of God is living and active.  The word is the Bible but its also God’s word for us today.  The Bible teaches us how God thinks and the prophetic word teaches us what God is thinking.  We need to get a fresh word for today.  To be clear a fresh word from God does not change or alter anything spoken of in the Bible, rather it breathes life into it and gives us direction and revelation for today’s challenges and mission.

In this message

Find out how to use the Bible and the word of God and learn how to discern if you are using it well.

Scripture References:

2 Timothy 2:15 | 2 Timothy 3:16-17 | Hebrews 4:12