What is Biblical Tension?

Biblical tension is when the Bible has two different answers for the same problem and we are caught in this middle trying to understand which solution we should apply.  Good examples of this are Law verses Grace, Judgement verses Love, Fear of God verses Love of God, etc…  There are some situations where what someone needs to hear is the law and other when someone needs to hear about grace.  There are certain situations where someone needs to hear about judgement and others when someone needs to hear about love.  There are some situations that people need to have a healthy fear of God and other times when they need to know when God loves them.  The problem is that many believers tend to gravitate towards one or the other and apply that Biblical truth to all situations.  The unfortunate problem is that when you apply law where grace is needed you’ll wound people and if you apply grace where the law is needed you’ll wound people and so on down the line.

How do we avoid wounding people as we navigate Biblical Tensions?

The answer is that we need to be guided by the Holy Spirit and have a listening ear for God.  Only then can we learn when and where to apply the correct teaching.  You see it’s easier to choose one side or the other because it doesn’t require knowing God and so it doesn’t require much from us.  However, Christianity is more than an invitation to be saved it is an invitation to know God personally and walk life out relationally with Him.  So we need to glean from God His wisdom and learn to apply the correct Biblical truth to the situations that come at us in life, otherwise we might perceive God wrongly.

Scripture References

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