We want to be worshippers

At LifeSong Church one of our core values is to live a life of worship to the Lord. So what does that mean? It is not us just sitting around a room singing Kumbaya until Jesus returns. No, it is doing everything in a manner that brings God honor and praise. While this includes singing to the Lord it is not limited to it. It means when I work I can do my work in a way that honors the Lord. It means when I spend time with my family I can do it in a way that honors the Lord. It means how I respond to the situations around me that I can do it in a way that honors the Lord.

Worshippers know that it’s not just a time but a lifestyle

The Biblical concept of worship can be found in the scriptural words Avoda and Latreia. They mean both worship and work. In fact the concept that worship is something that only happens during a service on Sunday between this hour and another didn’t exist in Biblical times. It would have been a foreign concept for people in that day to compartmentalize their worship to God.  We need to recapture this conviction and become intentional about being 24/7 worshippers.

Worshippers know that worship can be hard work

Sometimes worship is easy. When things are going our way and life is good, it’s easy to worship God. However, there are times in our lives and even moments when its tough or we simply don’t “feel” like worshipping.  It is in those times that we must work at worship and make the choice to worship anyway. Why? Because we like forcing ourselves to do stuff that we don’t want to? Or is it because of some religious duty? The answer is because it is in those moments that our worship becomes significant. If we only worship when we feel like then is it really worship? When we worship when times are hard it shows God that our hearts are truly for Him and that we trust Him no matter what. In other words our worship is not cheap and it is not conditional. That kind of Worship has the power to bless God and crush the enemy.

Scripture References:

John 4:23-24 | Isaiah 60:18 |Revelation 21:21 | Psalms 8:2