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Long Winding RoadWhen tragedy strikes how do you handle it?

How do you put it all into perspective?  The devil loves to use tough times to wreck and ruin people, but God uses those times to refine us if we let Him.  In fact God does not promise us a life free from turmoil, but He does promise us that if we lean into Him that He will help us through.  So we have a huge decision to make when life is hard, either we try and deal with it on our own or we learn to lean on God.  If we lean on Him what should have destroyed us will actually increase our strength and grow our faith.

The Long Winding Road

The truth is that often times when we are faced with trouble and loss that the road ahead is not an easy one, it isn’t straight and it isn’t short.  We need to understand that it is a long journey that has its ups and downs and victories as well as losses.  But in the end as we journey step by step and get filled with the grace and mercy of Christ we can be victorious.

In this Sermon

Pastor Brad leads us through what we can expect as we deal with tough times, how we handle those who are struggling and what the road ahead looks like.  Its an inspiring look at the difference that God makes.

Scripture References:

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