Misperceptions of GodIs it true?  Jesus wasn’t no sissy?

It’s a bit of a shocking title isn’t it?  We don’t typically use words like sissy today, and it is not used in a way that is meant to offend, but rather to shock us into taking a deeper look into the character of Jesus.  In today’s church one of the misperceptions of God that we have is that Jesus is weak.  He is often portrayed as more of a nanny than a strong man and I think we have gotten used to seeing Him as soft and effeminate.  However, the real Jesus is a lot more complex than this huggy soft hearted persona that we often paint Him with.  He could be tough, direct and powerful when He needed to be.  I really see in Jesus the best of what the feminine and the masculine have to offer, I just think we have focused on the feminine qualities at the expense of seeing the masculine.  I think we need to recalibrate our understanding of Jesus and embrace both sides of this coin and especially rediscover Jesus’ strength.

In this sermon

We are going to take a look specifically about how Jesus dealt with those who tried to embarrass Him in front of the crowds He was teaching.  Did He cower under the pressure from critics?  Did He try and wiggle His way out of confrontation?  Did He soften His message to appease His accusers?  We’ll unpack these misperceptions of God and see Jesus for who He was.

Scripture References:

Matthew 22:23-46

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