How does the church minister to a wayward generation?

When we look around us it is easy to see how our culture has turned its back on God. People live immoral lives and boldly profess what they do as being good. Of course it never surprises me when unGodly people do unGodly things, but when the church compromises their moral integrity, we have a problem. How can the church represent God if they are no different than the world around them? What ground do they have to stand on when it comes to setting an example of holiness if in fact they are just as dysfunctional as everyone else? As the world looks for answers they look to the church. What do they find when they look? I think the answer is probably not a good example. We are called to live in the world but not be a part of it. If the church is going to have any hope of ministering to a wayward generation it is going to have to make the hard choice to live morally exceptional lives according to Biblical standards.

In this sermon

We’re going to explore how the Bible defines a wayward generation, look at how God feels about sin, and sum up what our perspective should be.

Scripture references

Romans 1:24-32, Judges 17:6, Psalm 5:4, Isaiah 59:2, Psalm 97:10, Isaiah 5:20, Isaiah 5:25, 2 Corinthians 6:14

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