How Does Our Moral Integrity Effect the Witness of the Church?

As we continue to look at how the church needs to set an example of moral integrity in this generation we need to take a serious look at how the church is in a moral crisis itself. It is no surprise that the church is struggling in its beliefs. In fact, we live in a time when the good old objective truths that are found in the scripture are not even being followed by the church. When this happens, the church lives in compromise. Paul warned us that there would be times like this. Times when Christians would not endure sound doctrine and would gather for themselves leaders who would teach what they want to hear instead of what is true. The question isn’t whether or not the church fits into this description, it is how do we get ourselves back to the Lord and live with integrity once again?

In this Sermon

We are going to look at the problem of immorality and sinfulness that we face in the church and God’s prescription to heal our waywardness.

Scripture References

2 Timothy 4:3-5, Jeremiah 6:16-19, Peter 2:11-12, Acts 5:27-32, Acts 5:33,40-42

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