Do you remember the mother’s behind some of the Bible’s greatest men?

Most of us know who men like Moses, Samuel and Timothy are, but we often forget the mom’s that they had who sacrificed everything so that their sons could become great.  While their sons went on to do great things for the Lord they remained nameless and faceless.  However, without them and their heart to serve the Lord we would probably never have heard of such great men.  We are reminded in this sermon that sometimes the greatest things we can do for the Lord are hardly recognized by men but they make a world of difference.

What is Nameless and Faceless?

It means that you are not in it for your own glory and are more concerned about God receiving the honor for the work you are doing.  When you free yourself from worrying about how to advance yourself you position yourself to advance God’s Kingdom.

In this Sermon

Colleen Stroetz preaches a brilliant Mother’s Day sermon about the almost forgotten mothers behind great men in the Bible.  They’re example of serving the Lord through investing into their Children and denying their rights paved the way for some of the greatest men and stories of the Bible.  We like them need to serve the Lord with Humility and Selflessness.

Scripture Reference

Exodus 2:1-10 | Hebrews 11:23 | 1 Samuel 1:1-28 | 2 Timothy 1:1-14