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Voice of the Leaders with Mark Mills

Blessing from Dale Stoll

Why is a bigger sanctuary important?

The answer might surprise you.  A bigger sanctuary does not define us and it is not who we are.  It is, however, a tool that we can use and it can better help us to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The truth is that LifeSong does not equate success with bigger buildings or larger attendances, we relate success to what is going on within the church and whether or not what we are doing honors God and His word.  So we are excited about the fact that God has blessed us with more space but only because we believe that He is opening a door to greater ministry for our church.

In this message

This morning is a very special celebration of what God is doing and you’ll hear from Mark Mills (Elder), Dale Stoll (Overseer) and Pastor Brad Stroetz as they share from their heart about the journey we are on.

Scripture Reference:

Isaiah 44:3-5