Special Sundays 2016, fast, purpose, the history of us, moments of grace, A Memorial to the King of Kings, No Man Left BehindHow do you measure the strength of a church?

Is it found in the strength of the strong people there or is it found in how the strong treat those who are struggling?  The truth is that God calls us over and over in scripture to love one another and to bear one another’s burdens, yet oftentimes we treat those who are hurting or struggling the same way that the world does.  This is not the dream of the Father over Christian community, we are to seek out the broken among us and restore them to a healthy place. No man left behind is more than just a military motto it’s a way of life and one that we need to get serious about in the church. What if we raised everyone up?  What would the church look like and what could we experience and accomplish?

Scripture References:

Luke 15:3-7Ephesians 6:12Galatians 6:1&2