What are you living for?

We each need to ask ourselves this question.  What is the one thing that you are living for?  As Christians our lives are meant to be lived in the pursuit of knowing God and advancing His Kingdom.  Yet far too many of us get caught up in pursuing the things of this life.  Things like money, possessions, positions and pleasures.  And while the stuff of life has its place, it is the unbeliever who chase after these things as if they are the reason for life.

Jesus sees it different

What is the one thing according to Jesus?  It is to stop focusing on the stuff of this life and to first focus on His Kingdom and Righteousness.  If we can do that He promises us that He will give us all that we need.  I believe that He doesn’t stop just at needs but He satisfies our desires as well.

What is in the way?

It is time for us to take stock.  Is there anything so valuable that this life has to offer that is better than knowing or experiencing God?  In our pursuit of making God our one thing, we need to see Him and knowing Him as the most valuable thing.  Does God have that high of a priority in your heart and mind?  Does He occupy your greatest passions?

Scripture References

Matthew 6:31-33 | Matthew 6:24 | Colossians 3:2 | Psalms 123:1&2 | Hebrews 12:1-3