Who are Simeon and Anna?

Simeon and Anna are two people who are often overlooked or even ignored in the Christmas story and although their encounter with the baby Jesus was brief, it was so significant that Luke made sure to recount it.

What made Simeon and Anna so ordinary and unremarkable?

Both of them were older when Jesus was born.  Anna was 84 and while we don’t have a specific age for Simeon, we can guess by Luke’s explanation of him that he was at the end of his life.  Anna had lost her husband at a young age and for approximately 60 years spent each day praying and fasting in the Temple.  Simeon was someone who was burdened for the coming of the Messiah.  They were just like many people today.  They were’t priests or scribes, they weren’t the paid staff at some church or at the temple, they were just regular believers who hungered to see God move in their generation and they did.  Listen to the sermon to find out the entire story of Simeon and Anna.

Scripture References:

Luke 2:25-32Luke 2:36-38