Who were Zacharias and Elizabeth?

Well the simple answer is that they were the parents of John the Baptist, the forerunner and cousin of Jesus Christ.  However, they are also the first people mentioned in the account of Jesus birth, at least in the Gospel of Luke.  You see about 5 months before the miracle of Mary’s pregnancy, God had performed a miracle in answering the prayers of Zacharias and Elizabeth and giving them a child when they were well past the age when they could get pregnant and it is their miracle that sets the tone and the course for everything else that happened around the birth of Christ.

So how were Zacharias and Elizabeth ordinary and unremarkable?

First, lets clear the air about one thing, being ordinary and unremarkable is not such a bad thing.  In fact most of us are.  We’re just going through life, doing our best and trying to serve the Lord.  The truth is that most of the people that we read about in scripture were not perfect or somehow amazing people that God should do something through them, they were just as normal as us, at least until God showed up and did something amazing.  Zacharias and Elizabeth were an older couple who had desperately wanted to have children but who were unable to.  It seemed to them that God was not going to give them the desire of their heart and they had moved on.  When we catch up with them we find that they were faithful and loved God but that they were just going through the motions in their life and faith.  In fact Zacharias didn’t believe the Angel Gabriel when he told Zacharias that he was going to be a father.  Yet God the the miraculous and even beyond all hope gave them a son.  Haven’t we all been in a place of boredom in our faith and haven’t we lost our hope?  We are no different, yet what happened after God showed up, gives us hope that God’s timing is perfect and that if God promises us something that He will see it through.  To find out the entire story listen to the sermon from Pastor Brad.

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