* Please note that a small portion of the sermon audio was not recorded in the very beginning of the service.

Why talk about depravity?

We live in an age where clinical narcissism is on the rise and where our whole world is at our beckoned call.  We can craft our image on social media, we have an assistant on our phones that waits on our every need, we can buy anything we want and whenever we want thanks to the internet and have it delivered right to our house within a couple of days, and we live in a world where accessing things on demand is the norm.  If we are not careful we can con ourselves into believing that we are important and that we are the center of the universe.  Now if that isn’t bad enough, if we are not careful we can start to craft the theology that we are the center of our Christian faith and experience.  We may scoff at that idea, but the truth is that this thinking has already infiltrated the church.  How many messages do we need to share about how wonderful, special, anointed. gifted, blessed, and loved by God do we need to hear?  The truth is that we are depraved and we are enemies of God, before the grace of Jesus reconciled us to Him.  In fact if we are ever to truly understand and appreciate God’s grace, His favor, and even His love for us, then we need to first start off in the place of understanding just how bad it once was for us.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a sobering look into our depravity and then end by understanding how God’s grace changes everything.

Scripture References:

Acts 17:24Ecclesiastes 7:20Mark 7:21-221 Timothy 1:15, Romans 5:8-11