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What can we learn from the crowd’s reaction on Palm Sunday?

The events of Palm Sunday are quite unique in Jesus’ life.  This is not the first time that Jesus has been to Jerusalem.  In fact Jesus has made many trips there.  He has taught there, performed miracles, and even went toe to toe with the religious leaders of His day.  In fact Jesus’ trips to Jerusalem often get Him in trouble with the ruling religious leader (not because He did wrong but because they were threatened by His leadership).  So generally speaking Jesus coming to Jerusalem was often met with controversy, so being greeted by crowds in such an over the to manner is intriguing.  Why on this occasion was Jesus celebrated as a conquering hero?  What lead the crowds to honor Him in this way?  What can we learn from how the people reacted to Him about our own choice to follow Jesus?

In this sermon

We’ll look at the events leading into the Triumphal Entry and discover how they created excitement and caused people to see Jesus for who He really was.  We’ll also look into reaction of the people and the choices they made to believe or not believe in Jesus.

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