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SinWhat Path Are You On?

Jesus taught that there is a path that is narrow that leads to life and one that is wide that leads to destruction.  The question is, do you know which path you are on?  How you answer this question will reflect how you perceive sin.  For many salvation only means that I am no longer responsible for the penalty of my sins, but we too easily forget that Jesus and the Apostles also expected that we would walk away from our sins.  The church has adopted theologies around being forgiven and still indulging in the sins of the world.  We say things like, “We must be all things to all people” or “you’re too heavenly minded to be any earthly good.”  What we are saying is that its ok to be forgiven and still be like the world.  Why have we adopted this idea? Because we believe that the more like them we look the less threatened they will be of us.  Truly it’s just an excuse that we make to have our cake and eat it too.  Which means that many Christians though they have been saved are living on the wide path and not the narrow one.

Why is it important to be on the Narrow Path?

Because it produces life, both in the hear and now and in eternity.  Just in the same way that the wide path leads us to destruction and the plan of the enemy is to destroy us and our salvation.  So why do we choose to toy with destruction?  Because its what we know and because to stop indulging in our sins requires effort and transformation on our part and its easier to not change and just adopt theologies that allow us to keep doing what we have been doing.

Scripture References:

Matthew 7:13-14James 1:14-161 Corinthians 6:19-20

© 2016 LifeSong Church Monticello Indiana with Pastor Brad Stroetz. Sin: Which Path Will You Choose?