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 praise-givingHow do we praise God when things don’t make sense?

I have often contended that if you only can thank God or praise Him when things are good then you really don’t love God you really only love what He does for you. Our praise cannot be based solely on our circumstances but they need to be rooted in our understanding of who God is. If we understand that God is good then we understand that instead of putting bad stuff in out lives that He is a partner with us to sort our the bad things.  Bad things are inevitable but God loves to take the bad things and turn them around. Of course when God is good to us it is important that we do give Him thanks, but its learning to trust in God when times are bad that helps us to praise Him no matter what.

In this Sermon

Pastor Brad shares how our Praise in the most difficult times unlocks God’s healing in our lives.  Learn how what is in the heart affects what comes from our lips.

Scripture References:

Psalms 100Luke 6:45Job 1:20-22