The Fundamentals, Faith, God and Creation, Claims of ChristIs there more to prayer than what we learned as kids?

The simple answer is yes.  However, for most of us never get passed what we learned as a child about prayer.  So when the world hears prayer they automatically think about their childhood when they learned how to pray and they automatically revere prayer as a childish thing.  I would argue that just like faith and everything we learn about God that it has its place in our adult lives.  I believe that prayer can grow up and become complex and adult. The only question is will we continue to relegate our prayers to childish concepts or do we raise prayer up to match our maturity?  I say we raise it up.

Childish vs. Childlikeness

A foundational Christian value is to be childlike, but childlike is very different than childish.  Childish is when we continue to reason and act like a child after we have matured past that point.  Childlikeness is an intentional decision to retain the purity, innocence, awe and wonder that is so natural to children.  In other words to not become hardened and jaded by the world.  So yes we can be childlike but Christ never called the church to be childish.  As we grow our faith and in this case our prayers should grow with us and in the same way we become more complex and critical in thought so should our prayer.

In this sermon

We take a little deviation in our teaching on prayer and instead of focusing on the fact that we should or even some of the basic principles and we dial in on how God sees prayer and what prayer is supposed to look like.  In the process we hope that it will unlock a few keys as you seek to go deeper in to prayer.

Scripture References:

Proverbs 15:8Psalms 145:18Ephesians 6:18Romans 8:26Matthew 6:5-8

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