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It sounds like an easy question and prayer is simple enough that a child can do it, but it is also complex enough that an adult can have a rich and reading experience praying.  Yet many accuse prayer as being something that is childish and has no place in the complex world of an adult.  I would argue that prayer can be just as complex as we are but is often perceived differently because the only concept of prayer we know is from our childhood.  Well why do you think that you learn math year after year, starting from your childhood?  Because you start off with basic concepts and you build upon them as you go.  You just can’t teach a first grader calculus because their capacity and their ability to learn is generally just not compatible.  However, you would hope that by the time they are in their late teens or away at college that they would have developed the capacity and concepts to learn calculus.  So why is it that we have a hard time understanding that in the same way our capacity and maturity changes over time in other areas that the same happens when it comes to areas of faith and prayer.  There is prayer that requires growth and development to grasp and yet we start out with kids teaching basic concepts.  The problem is not with prayer, the problem is with when you decided to stop learning and growing in prayer.

In this sermon

So we continue to develop adult concepts and practices for prayer by answering the question, “how do we pray?”  We specifically focus on having an insatiable hunger for prayer and what happens in prayer that feeds that hunger.  We also look at praying the scriptures and how that informs our prayer life by using the written words of God.  We finish by dealing with straightening out our misinterpretation of what, “according to the will of God” means.  We believe that you will be encouraged by this message and that you will have some new concepts to put into practice the next time you set out to pray.

Scripture References:

Luke 6:12-13Acts 4:23-26Psalms 2:4-121 John 5:14-15

© 2016 LifeSong Church Monticello Indiana with Pastor Brad Stroetz. The Fundamentals: Prayer, Part 2