The Fundamentals, Faith, God and Creation, Claims of Christ, prayerWhat Should We Pray For?

Prayer is an interesting thing, as Christians we know that we should pray yet when it comes time many Christians get lost as to what they should be praying for. For the most part this is because we are taught “to pray” but we are often given very little guidance as to what to pray for.  The most basic of prayers are prayers where we go to God and we tell Him what we are worried or concerned about and we ask Him to make it all better.  While God does certainly love to help us there is more to praying than just that.

What Else Can We Pray For?

There are all kinds of things we can pray for.  We can pray for whatever troubles us and we can pray giving thanks as God blesses us.  We can pray for people including strength for other Christians and we are invited to pray for political leaders.  We can pray for the lost and even for those who have found their faith in Jesus.  We can pray against temptation as well as pray for our own spiritual growth. There really is no limit to what we can pray for.

In This Sermon

This sermon covers a range of Biblical texts that urge us to pray.  While this is not an exhaustive list it is a good primer into how we can spend our time when we pray.

Scripture References:

Philippians 4:6Psalms 50:15Colossians 1:3Matthew 26:41Romans 10:1Ephesians 6:19Matthew 5:43-441 Timothy 2 :1-4, James 5:13-14Jeremiah 33:3

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