God’s Greatest Present To Us At Christmas Was His Presence

I know it’s all been said before.  Jesus came from Heaven, God’s Son and He brought salvation to mankind.  But we have become so familiar with the claims of Jesus and the stories of scripture that I believe we have lost the significance of who Jesus was and what He did.  Even when we read the stories, we have heard them so many times that we know where the story is heading.  Because of this it is difficult for us to hear these things as if they have never been heard before.  To consider these claims and stories as if we weren’t already believing them.  But I believe that it is vital for us to return to a place of awe and wonder when it comes to Christmas and just what happened nearly 2,000 years ago in a place called Bethlehem.

What Really Happened?

God sent His Son.  Jesus, the word of God became a living, breathing person.  It’s almost a scandalous thought, but God became a man.  It is because of Jesus that we can have confidence in our salvation before God.  It is because of Jesus that we can get to know God personally.  We can live in His presence and know Him.  Just think about that.

In This Sermon

Take a journey with Pastor Brad through the account of Jesus’ birth and purpose as recorded by the Apostle John.  Learn about Jesus as the Word of God, the Creator, the Light, the First Born and the giver of Grace.  You’ll be inspired by a fresh look at the Amazing Messiah, the one who brought us the present His presence.

Scripture References

John 1:1-4 | John 1:9-13 | John 1:16-18 | Luke 8:43-48