Will you participate in the annual 21 day fast?

It’s tradition, each year we kick things off with our annual 21 day fast. It’s an opportunity to connect with God and invite Him into our upcoming year.  The reason we are fasting this year is reset and reground our faith so that we are better able to see and hear from God so that we are positioned to move with Him. So ask yourself, what is in your faith and life that needs to get cleaned up? Transformed? Improved? Changed? Now is a good time to battle for it through prayer and fasting.

When does it start? At midnight on January 7th and officially ends at midnight on January 28.

So here is a three step guide to having a powerful and significant fast this year…

  1. Where do you want your faith to grow in 2017?
    How can I take one more step away from who I used to be before Christ, and one step closer to being like Jesus?  What do i need to get unstuck in my faith or relationship with Jesus?
  2. What spiritual practice do you want to introduce or improve?
    Do you need to pray more, pray better, pray longer? Do you need to be more consistent in your Bible reading/study? Do you need to practice hearing God’ voice? Do you need to learn how to worship God or simply make more time to do so? Do you need to get better about ministering to others or sharing the gospel?
  3. What are you willing to sacrifice for 21 days as an spiritual offering for that to happen?
    What price are you willing to pay to go to draw a line in the sand of your faith? Are you willing to go without food, do a Daniel fast, give up that one thing that you think you cant do without?

Here is a link to Bible Studies to do during your fast

Some helpful advice:  What do I need to fast? We encourage everyone to consider, pray and listen to God before entering a fast and let Him guide you. It is a discipline and whatever you fast will present a challenge to you over the 3 weeks. We recommend that everyone consider something difficult, such as a 21 day Daniel Fast, a water or juice only fast, or even 21 days without food (of course we recommend you consult your physician before altering your diet). Of course fasting is not limited to food, drinks, diet etc… You can also fast certain activities like watching TV, getting on Social Media, etc…

What do I do during the Fast to make it powerful? As important as it is to remove something during your fast, its equally important to add something. We recommend that you dedicate the time that you would normally spend eating or entertaining yourself to spend time with God. This can be done through Bible reading, prayer and/or worship. We ask that you discipline yourself to spend quality time with the Lord every day during the 21 day fast.