What is the Fifth Sunday Faith Fund?

Every Fifth Sunday we take up a special offering to support a special project, mission, or ministry at the church.  This month we are taking up a special offering to help offset the cost of our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration.

How it works

The intent is that we each of us set aside a special monetary gift over and above our regular tithing to give when we take up a special offering on fifth Sunday.  We suggest that you pray about it, talk about it and then determine what you might give.  We even suggest you come up with a fun and creative way to engage the family, sort of like the old fashioned “swear jar” (of course we know none of you need one of those), or perhaps you might raise a little extra money selling some items on Ebay, doing some extra chores or pick up a side job or whatever.  We’d like this to be an opportunity for you to engage God in doing something bigger and different with your finances.  So have fun with it and let us know your fun story.