What’s my purpose?

So many Christians ask the question, “what is God’s plan for my life?”  Some go the extent to teach that God has a plan for each of us.  Some would argue that we are merely living God’s plan for our lives, as if God pre-planned everything and we need to only walk it out.  I have thought a lot about this over my life, because it seems that as a Christian one of the things you’re supposed to do is to figure this out, but I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea that God’s plan doesn’t require any input from me.  You see the Bible teaches us that God has chosen to be in relationship with each of us and it uses the example of marriage to demonstrate what that relationship is like.  Now I know that there are some marriages where there is a dictator in control of the other person, but that is not how the Bible describes our relationship with God.  He is not a dictator and we are not robots.  More recently I have determined that asking what God’s plan for my life is, is not a very good question.  It assumes that He only has one and that it is totally spelled out.  What I have found is that it is better to ask what my purpose is, because God’s plan always lead us into our purpose.

What’s the difference between a purpose and a plan?

Very simply put a purpose is where you are going and a plan is how you get there.  We see in the life of Joseph that God’s plan for him was to reign as king, ultimately saving the emerging nation of Israel and Egypt from starvation during famine.  However, the plan to get there took a few detours.  First, his brothers sold him into slavery.  As a slave, because of his identity, he ends up running his masters household.  Falsely accused of raping his master’s wife, he end’s up in prison.  As a prisoner he ends up running the prison for the warden, again because of his purpose.  Eventually the Pharaoh has a dream that cannot be interpreted and guess who is called upon to interpret the dream?  Joseph, and when he does the pharaoh puts him in charge of the kingdom.  At each turn the plan changed, but Joseph still ended up where he needed to be, why?  Because God has endless plans to see your purpose fulfilled.  We need to be less concerned by how we get there then by where we are going.

What is your purpose?

What dreams and passions has God placed in your life?  How has he gifted you?  These are questions to ask yourself, but if you really want to know, the best place to start is by asking Him and letting Him reveal it to you.  Listen to this message to understand more about your purpose.

Scripture References:

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