Removing Relational Roadblocks, Rediscovering Real People

How do you love your enemies?

Radically loving the unlikable is at the heart of the message of the Gospel.  In fact Jesus taught us in the Sermon on the Mount that we are to love our enemies and even pray for those who persecute us.  This is no easy task.  If we are not careful we can apply all of the commands to loving others to only those that we like.  Unfortunately, as Jesus Himself taught us, that would make us no different than anyone else.  Instead Jesus asked us to go the extra mile and if we are to become followers of His, then we need to learn how to put this into practice.  We need to let go of our offenses and learn how to love those who have harmed us, those who have mocked us, and those that constantly irritate us, because only when we learn to love these people can we say that we have truly learned to love the way that Jesus did.

Who are the unlikable’s?

In order to radically love the unlikable we need to understand who they are.  In a practical sense, they can be anyone that simply don’t get along with.  They can also be people who did us serious harm in our lives and while God doesn’t want us to become a victim, He does want us to extend love to even the worst violator.  Why?  Because love casts out all fear.  In other words when we pour out love it breaks down walls and there is something greater at stake then even our justice, it’s the salvation of ever soul.  Love has a way of demonstrating God’s grace more than anything else does and God’s grace can produce a hunger for God like nothing else.  Can we be brave enough to love the unlikable?

Scripture Reference:

Mark 12:31Matthew 5:43-46Luke 6:27-36Proverbs 25:21-22