Removing Relational Roadblocks, Rediscovering Real People

Why do we need to Rediscovering Real People?

We live in a time when we can connect to anyone around the world in a matter of seconds through technology like social media, cell phones, emails, texts, etc… yet in study after study researchers have been finding that people feel more isolated and less good about who they are than before.  As a pastor I have sensed how relationships and how people relate to each has changed over the past decade, but its been something that has happened gradually enough that we are perhaps just beginning to see the affects.  It is the feelings of isolation and dehumanization that these technologies produce that has caused me to pause and consider whether we are using these technologies to enhance our relationships or are they just substituting them?  I think its also a very legitimate question to ask whether relating to people through these technologies reflects the Kingdom of God or diminishes it?  The truth is that technologies are great, but I think its time that we rediscover what it means to relate to real people.

So what do we do?

You’ll need to listen to the sermon to find out, but I will say that our real world should be enhanced by the virtual one and not replaced by it.  It is also important for us to understand that the Christian life was not meant to be lived in isolation but in fellowship with other Christians.  So how we live, what time we spend in our virtual lives and the priority we give the real people around us should reflect God’s vision for His people.

Scripture References:

Philippians 1:27Hebrews 10:24-25Matthew 5:43-44Mark 12:31