Rise Up Church

What does God have to say to the American church?  Are we really on fire?  Do we live with expectation that God is going to do something amazing in our generation?  Are we just going through the motions?  Is God really the most important thing in our lives?  Are we bored?  The truth is that the American church is largely suffering an identity crisis.  I can’t tell you how much is written and talked about when it comes to what the church should be doing but is not.  It has become the topic of conversation in both secular and spiritual circles.  Yet we would contend that the problem is not with God or Christianity, it has largely to do with how we go about church and what we have made our priorities over the past few decades.  Simply put, the Bible is clear even if we are not.

In this Sermon

This was a special morning and God’s power was on display.  What was supposed to be a sermon about being saved, ended up turning into a message of hope and inspiration to the church to rise up and be the church.  Rather cliche-ic I know, but the Holy Spirit took over and the sermon that was meant to be preached never got preached.  Instead God gave a strong and poignant message through Pastor Brad.  Just listen and I promise if you love the Lord, you’ll be inspired.

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