Did you know that God cares for you?

Did you know that God cares for you?  I believe that when things get tough our ability to trust in the Lord gets tested.  It is important that we renew our understanding of God, not only as sovereign King over all of creation, but as the one who provides for us.  In fact the Bible has a name for God Jehovah Jirah which means my provider.  The truth is that God chooses to take care of us, His children.  In fact, we often don’t have because we simply do not ask.  In other words, we try and take care of things on our own, and we forget to get God involved in our situation.  So instead of receiving God’s answer for provision we often struggle to provide for ourselves.

In this Sermon

Pastor Brad takes a look at how we can return to a place of trusting in the Lord and how much God cares for you.

Scripture References

Matthew 6:25-34, Matthew 7:7-11 

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