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How does “You Shall Not Covet” corrupt our hearts?

Like all of the other commands, “You Shall Not Covet” is trying to get at more than going after than just stopping an action.  In fact they are all trying to get at the heart of the individual and create righteousness in us.  This is why whenever Jesus addressed the commands He made statements like, “You have heard it said, but I say to you…”.  When Jesus was on earth people had boiled down the commands so that all that mattered was the action, but Jesus always redirected us to what was happening in the heart that caused the action.  The heart was the source of our actions according to Jesus and the theme of scripture is that coveting opens our heart to all kinds of corruption.  In fact I would argue that God ended on this command to not covet because covetousness leads us to break all of the other commands.

In This Sermon

Well take a look into how the command “You Shall Not Covet” corrupts our hearts and what we are called to do as Christians instead.

Scripture References

Deuteronomy 5:21Ecclesiastes 4:4Ecclesiastes 5:10Mark 7:18-23James 4:1-2Romans 13:9Romans 12:15

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