Should you feel different and out of place as a Christian?

The quick answer is yes.  The idea that we will be perceived as different and out of place as Christians is something that we should consider when we choose to be a disciple of Christ.  You see the simple truth is that the teachings of scripture don’t often jive with the ways of the world.  So if we are to truly follow Christ it means that we might need to zig while everyone else zags.  We live by a different standard and when we follow that standard it means that people will see us as different and they may even get upset when we don’t go along.  The question isn’t really whether we will be different and a little out of place, the question is how will we handle it when we don’t fit in?  We can either be ok with our differences or we can try to compromise in order to soften those differences.  In the end we have to decide how we will be as a Christian, either one who really stands up for what we believe no matter the cost or one who tries not to stand out.

In this Sermon

We are going to look at the healthy and unhealthy ways we should be different.  We’ll also take a look at Jesus’ perspective on fitting in with the world and what we should expect.

Scripture References

John 15:18-21Acts 2:1-4, 6&13

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