Why do we struggle with Evangelism?

Aside from the pressure we sometimes feel to share our faith, I think that the main reason that we struggle to talk to other people about Jesus is that we have lost a Biblical perspective on eternity.  We talk so much in church about the grace of God so much that we have forgotten that there is still a place called Hell where people who haven’t made Jesus the Lord of their lives will go.  With all of our grace talk, we tend to think of Hell as perhaps not that bad, but the Bible clearly defines it as a place of continual torment.

The truth about Hell

We often think about Hell as a place of punishment for those who God doesn’t like and for those who didn’t make the grade spiritually or morally.  I suppose we can take that perspective but the Bible demonstrates that God hates the idea of anyone ever going to Hell.  In fact He is so against anyone ever having to go to Hell that He sent Jesus, His own son, to take on the punishment of our sins so that we would not have to.  So hell isn’t about punishment per se, it’s about people making choices.  If you rejected God during your life, He is gracious enough to not force Himself on you for eternity, which means you are sent to Hell.  The issue is that in Hell there is not the slightest presence of God, so it is a place of pure evil, meaning that no good exists there.  This is why it is a place of torment.  Evil and all of it’s fruits like fear, suffering, pain, abuse, hate, etc…reigns supreme without anything getting in its way.

Why Evangelism?

When we begin to put people’s eternity into perspective it should put a lump in your throat to think that anyone would have to suffer in Hell.  In other words we should gain the compassion of Christ who was willing to do anything to bring salvation to others.  So why should we evangelize?  To grow churches?  To convert other people to our ideas?  No, we should evangelize because we don’t want anyone to go to hell.

Scripture References

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