What is God’s vision?

In other words, how does God see things? This is a vital question that every believer should ask, because how you answer this question will shape how you go about following Him. And when we answer this question we need to avoid the temptation of answering it with how we “feel” God sees things and discover His perspective through His revelation in the Holy Bible and our interaction with Him today.

What is the quickest way to catching God’s Vision?

Lay a foundation in the word and then have an encounter with God.  We see this example in the book of Isaiah when Isaiah has a vision of the throne room of God. When He stands there in God’s presence He perceives the majesty of God, his own condition and the condition of mankind in such a way that it transforms him completely. It is after this moment in time that he writes his most profound and prolific prophecies. Isaiah was grounded in the knowledge of the scripture and he had encounters with God that continued to prepare him for this moment, but all of the good teaching, all of the right theology and all of the experiences could not produce the revelation and prophetic insight that encountering God would bring. In fact all of those things could only lay a foundation for the moment when He would meet God.  It could only give Him the context in which to understand what was happening to him and so in that it has its value, but the point was to get him to the place where he could meet with God.

What does this mean for the Christian?

It means that we in all of our efforts will only be able to get so far, to understand God so much, to gain a passion and a likemindedness with Him.  It means that we need to have an encounter with God where He can put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and where we can truly gain a Godly perspective.

Scripture Reference

John 17:16-18Ephesians 4:22-24 | Isaiah 6:1-7