What is the Cost of Discipleship?

Being a Christian is supposed to mean something and it should cost us, but what does that look like?  According to Jesus following Him should look like self denial, dying for a cause and holding to an eternal perspective.  The problem is that many churches and Christians have adopted a gospel of self gratification where God is only concerned with blessing us and making us happy.  That unfortunately does not echo Jesus words and it justifies our mediocrity.

What did you sign up for when you got saved?

Most people just signed up for not having to go to hell, which is a part of what God offers, but we lack a call to true discipleship in our invitation.  Going to Heaven is a benefit of giving your life to Jesus but when we make that decision we also make an exchange.  We exchange living for our self, our interests and agendas for living for the advancing of God’s purposes and Kingdom.  We exchange our comfort and self preservation for a life that is willing to die to see the gospel advance.  We exchange our way of thinking and what we value for God’s priorities.  The question we should all ask is what are we living for?  Ourselves or God?  Are we asking God to serve us or are we willingly serving God?  It’s time for Christianity to cost something…

Scripture References

Matthew 16:24-27Romans 8:29Philippians 2:5-8