What is the Mission of the Church?

Churches have found many different ways to address this important question.  Some focus on social justice, some on evangelism, some on creating a safe atmosphere for people to explore God, some on growing the local church and even some on telling everyone just how sinful and wretched they are.  I suppose each one has its time and place, but I’m not sure that these really define the mission of the church.  In fact I think that each of these things can become too much of a focus that we almost turn them into gods themselves and we serve them to the exclusion of everything else.  So what is the mission of the church?  I think we find that answer in the very words of Christ as He declared His purpose for being here.

What did Christ say His mission was?

If we are called to be Christ-like then I think it goes without saying that our mission should be His mission.  So what did Jesus say His mission was?  When He came back from His time in the wilderness, fasting and overcoming the temptation of the Devil, the next thing that we see recorded in scripture is Jesus reading from Isaiah 61 and declaring the fulfillment of the prophecy that is found there.  What did Jesus say?  Find out the answer to that question in this sermon by Pastor Brad Stroetz.

Scripture References

Luke 4:14-20Isaiah 61:1-4