What was the declaration of Heaven over Jesus?

What did heaven say about Jesus on the night that He was born?  For me, the expectation that we should have is that if the Son of God was born, that Heaven would not be silent.  Of course as we read the account of Jesus’ birth we see just that, Heaven could not contain itself.  And how could it?  Ever since the beginning of creation and the fall of man, God had been preparing a way for the solution to mankind’s sin.  Generation after generation was told about the coming messiah and after thousands of years of anticipation the moment had come.  We cannot forget that as much as mankind had been anticipating the arrival of Jesus, so had the angels.  They knew what God was up to and they simply had to wait.  Of course all of their hopes and expectations had been realized once Jesus was born.  You could almost sense a swelling of excitement and all at once Angels appeared to man and for brief moments there were amazing supernatural encounters breaking out all over the surrounding area of Bethlehem.  What is important about the declaration of heaven is that what God had to say about Jesus, is so much more important than anything we have to say.  We can say whatever we want about Jesus but in the end it is more important what God says about Jesus.  After all what we have to say is only a reflection of what Heaven already have said.  So what did heaven exactly declare?

In this Sermon

We are going to look at what the heavens had to say about Jesus.  We’ll look at the angels of heaven and their declaration.  We’ll also look at the stars in the heaven and their declaration.  We’ll also look at how people responded to what they had to say.

Scripture References

Luke 2:1-7Luke 2:8-14Matthew 2:1-6Matthew 2:7-12

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