What did the witnesses to Jesus’ birth have to say about Him?

When we dive into the account of Jesus’ conception, Mary’s pregnancy, and Jesus’ Birth do we find people confirming what had been said about the Messiah in the Old Testament?  The question is actually even deeper than that, if Jesus is God’s son, shouldn’t we find that miraculous things occurred prior to and after He was born?  In other words, shouldn’t there be signs and wonders surrounding the promised messiah of God?  The answer is that there should be.  We should see supernatural encounters, people prophesying by the power of the Holy Spirit, and even the fulfillment of promises made to faithful followers of God.  We should see it and we do see it.  Starting even before Mary is visited by Gabriel, before John the Baptist is conceived God reveals what is about to happen, that the time for the Messiah had come.  So what did happen?  How did God confirm Jesus’ mission, purpose, and plan?  What did people say and what did they experience in those moments?  How does all of that add up to understanding who Jesus really is?

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at the Angel Gabriel’s visitations and hear what he had to say.  We’ll also look at the words of Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, when she was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied over Mary and Jesus.  We’ll also look at the witness of Simeon and Anna, two elderly people who God had promised would see the savior before they died,

Scripture References

Luke 1:26-33Luke 1:39-45Isaiah 40:3, John 1:23Luke 2:25-32, Luke 2:36-38

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