Is being selfless easy?

The Bible is full of teachings about being selfless.  As a matter of fact, Christ Himself modeled selflessness and he expected it from His followers.  So as far as Christianity is concerned, it’s not a matter of should we be selfless, it is a matter of simply becoming selfless.  Yet that is one of those things that is a whole lot easier to say than it is to actually do.  In fact, being selfless is not always easy, especially because it often puts us in a vulnerable position and most of us really don’t like being vulnerable.  So how do we let go of our need to put ourselves first and begin to truly serve others?  It’s a good question and one that we will take a look at in this sermon.

In This Sermon

We are going to take a good look at how being selfless will cost you.  Specifically we are going to talk about six ways Biblical Selflessness will inconvenience you.

Scripture References

2 Corinthians 5:15, Romans 14:7-11, Philippians 2:3-4, James 4:10, Matthew 20:25-28, Matthew 7:3-5, Romans 12:16-21, James 1:19, Matthew 5:38-4

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