What does it mean to surrender your life?

We see that revival is on the horizon.  We believe that God is about to do something great in our community.  That He is about to turn people’s hearts back to Him and we get excited to think that we can be a part of it.  But the simple truth is that nothing great was ever accomplished by mediocre people.  Instead, it was the people who were so sold out to what they were doing that they would even risk life or limb to accomplish it.  We need to be a people who are sold out to accomplishing the will of the Lord and who will not fear anything, but who will trust God fully, even with our lives.   Can you trust God with your life?

 A Radical Faith

Surender your life.  It’s a radical idea, but God has not called people into balance.  God has called us to be radical.  Wasn’t Jesus radical?  Wasn’t Peter radical?  Wasn’t Paul radical?  Think about some of the heroes in Christianity over the many generations, weren’t they radical?  God is calling you out of the comfort zone and into a place of radical living.  It starts when you can surrender  your life to Him and live without the fear of man.  Those who have gone before us have been imprisoned, beaten and even killed for taking their stand and although it doesn’t create a great recruiting pitch, what they suffered opened up the doors of faith and intimacy with God for generations, even nations!  The price was worth it!

Are you ready to surrender your life?

Are you ready to see God work in your life in miraculous and amazing ways?  If so, then it’s time to take a huge step out in faith and give it all to Jesus!

Scripture References

Daniel 3:16-18, Daniel 3:27-30, Philippians 1:21, 2 Corinthians 1:23-28