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How do we set the right tone in a Christian Home?

I can’t tell you how often as a pastor I hear about the struggles that people have in their homes with their family.  Now I’m not talking about the bad people either (LOL), but good Christian families that have a heart for the Lord.  When I start to dig down deeper into the issues at hand I often find that while their is faith in the family that the environment in the home is not really Christian.  It’s not something that I fault anyone for either, since many Christians have never been taught how to create an atmosphere in their home where God is glorified and the world is shut out.  In other words without realizing it the world has an influence on what happens in their house.  The problem is that the world is corrupt and always brings turmoil with it, hence the problems.  So before we get into discussing the Christian family, we first need to take a look at the Christian home, because we can’t really deal with the family until we start by dealing with the environment at home.

In this sermon

We’re going to look at what Jesus would like to see in the home.  We’ll also take a practical, step-by-step approach to how we can create a Christian home.

Scripture References:

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