The Fundamentals, Faith, God and Creation, Claims of ChristCan we believe in the Claims of Christ that are found in scripture?

The answer is yes.  It is interesting to me that the person and claims of Christ are in question these days.  Opponents question everything from whether Christ even existed to whether or not the Biblical narrative is reliable.  While it may seem like a relatively new attack on the church, there have always been critics.  However, throughout the years as every generation has scrutinized the scripture its claims and its relevance have always been upheld.  So why do they scrutinize the person of Christ?  Because if you can diminish or disqualify His life and works then you can do the same to those who follow Him.  So the attack on Jesus is really an effort to disrupt and shut down the faithful who follow Him.

In this sermon

So in this sermon we answer some of the main questions posed against Jesus.  Did He exist?  Was He really born of a virgin?  Was He really divine?  Did the Crucifixion and Resurrection really happen?  While it is not an exhaustive argument this message takes a very logical trail to demonstrate why its not unreasonable or irrational for Christians to continue to make these assertions.

Scripture References:

John 15:18-19John 1:1John 10:37-38Matthew 1:18-25

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