The End from the Beginning?

We discover in the Bible that God is very different than us.  Something that He does differently is that He orders thing from the end and not from the beginning.  At first this may sound like religious mumbo jumbo, but it simply means that He starts with the end in mind and then works with us to get us where we need to be.  It is the cornerstone of how God works with each of us to redeem us from our sin and the troubles of the past into something beautiful and at times powerful.  What if we could understand the end from the beginning?  While I do believe that only God really knows the end from the beginning, He has given us insight in the scripture and we know that the end for a disciple is our eternal inheritance.  What if we ordered our lives around our eternal inheritance?  What would life be like?

In This Sermon

Get an understanding of our eternal inheritance and what it means to order our lives around eternity and not the here and now.

Scripture References:

Isaiah 46:9-10Hebrews 9:15John 10:28-29Hebrews 11:10Revelation 21:3-42 Corinthians 4:16-18Genesis 25:29-34