Was it doubt that motivated Thomas?

Thomas gets a bad rap.  He is seen as lacking faith and doubting.  We have even given him the name doubting Thomas, but when I consider the extraordinary events surrounding Jesus being raised from death to life I think it was very natural for him to want to see Jesus for himself.  Let’s face it, none of the disciples were batons of great faith in the hours, days and weeks after Jesus’ resurrection.  We point out Thomas’ doubt and somehow quickly forget that they all doubted.  None of them understood what had happened to Jesus until they saw Him and touched His wounds themselves.  In fact Thomas had missed Jesus’ first appearance where the rest of them had seen Jesus and His wounds with their own eyes.  Thomas just wanted to experience what they had experienced and to know for himself that what they were saying was true.

The journey of 8 days

Thomas hungered to see Jesus and touch his wounds and it would be another 8 days before Jesus would appear again.  8 days is a long time to wait.  None of them knew what would happen next.  None of them knew if they would see Jesus again.  Thomas hung in there.  He had faith enough to meet with the others and to expect that Jesus might come.  8 days is enough to loose your faith, its enough to loose hope, but Thomas stuck it out.  Do you think Thomas was a doubter?  I think Thomas was steadfast and because he waited he received what he desired to see and touch the risen Jesus.

Scripture References

John 20:19-29 | Matthew 18:18