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The  History of LifeSong

Before you can understand where you are going, you need to understand where you have been.  LifeSong Church has been on a journey of incredible odds.  Odds that with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit they have beaten every time.  Starting out of a difficult situation a small group of friends decided to gather together to begin a healing process.  Although they never intended to be a church they eventually acknowledged what God was doing and decided to make it official.  They were a small group meeting in a borrowed space for church and they were told that they would not last a year.  Well they did and during that first year they hired a Pastor, Mearl Hodges, and started to meet at the Brandywine Reception Center.  Over and over it was pointed out to them that many churches had started out in the Brandywine and pretty much they all failed.  Everyone was sure they wouldn’t last, but they did.  After about 5 years of ministering Pastor Mearl stepped aside and they were left without an official leader and meeting in a place known for church failures.  People said they wouldn’t last and at times it seemed like that might be the case.  Attendance dwindled but a core group of people continued to forge ahead even sharing the responsibilities of preaching.  They continued to look for a Pastor and after over a year they finally hired a new Pastor, Brad Stroetz.  With no permanent building and a small group of people left, people again said they wouldn’t last.  Well after two years of continuing to serve the Lord at the Brandywine they finally were able to move into a permanent space and they have not only lasted all these years but they are thriving and growing both in numbers and in faith.

Where are they going?

The theme of this year is “Own Your Faith”, but you’ll need to listen to the message to find out more about the history of LifeSong and what owning your faith is all about.

Scripture References:

Luke 18:8James 2:14-26