What happens when we find the person of peace?

We need to acknowledge that good evangelism requires communicating to the right audience. I am convinced that Jesus spoke very plainly that we need to be very cautious about who it is that we share the good news with.  In fact He put it in terms of not casting our pearls before swine or giving what is Holy to dogs because they might turn on you an rip you to shreds (Matthew 7:6).  Yet most of our efforts are centered more on sharing the good news with people we choose to share it with and not the people who are ready to hear.  I keep coming back to Jesus’ admonition to go labor in the fields that are ready for harvest.  A harvest is ready to be picked, the plant has matured to the point go producing it’s fruit and is ready.  A laborer cannot do anything more than cultivate the plant or the soil, the plant is either ready to be picked or it is not.  Our job is not to try and find anyone to talk to about the Gospel, it is to find those who God has prepared.  Otherwise our efforts are in vain.

In this Sermon

We are going to shed light on the two types of people who are ready to hear the good news.  The person of peace who has been ready by nature and the person of peace who has been made ready by nurture.

Scripture References:

Matthew 7:6Acts 10Acts 16